"Our mission is to create games that present you with entirely new concepts, far from the well worn track of the tried and tested."


Too many studios out there are rehashing old experiences with new stories, using borrowed mechanics and revamped art work. Don’t get us wrong, we love the exceptional games that comes out of that space, they inspire our work, and If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

At Huge Calf Studios, we're naive and do things our own way. We make games that we want to play, we make our own decisions and our own mistakes. And this allows us to do more of the stuff that made us fall in love with game development. To create, build and imagine something that, love it or hate it, provides an experience that makes the player think:

I played something new today


Our yet to be named ski lift construction game! embodies our ethos of imagining and creating new concepts. Set in a colourful and comical low poly world, the player will imagine, design and build ski lifts… then put them to the test. Will your glorious constructions crash and burn under the stress, strain and tension of mountain travel? Or bathe in structural glory as your engineering master piece stands strong for eternity (or at least until next time).

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