Design and build chairlifts, gondolas, jumps and more in this physics based, mountain sized puzzler. Creatively construct strong and safe systems for passengers to travel the peaks.

Achieve structural glory as you conquer the mountains in the rich and engaging campaign. Then test your wits and risk your passengers in the community designed levels.




Build ski lifts, jumps and bridges from an array of building materials to help your passengers navigate the peaks and dips of the treacherous mountain landscape. Tightly managed budgets, cut corners and poor design will compromise the safety and comfort of your nervous passengers. Chairlifts, button lifts, gondolas, jumps and bridges will each play a part in reaching the top of this world.

50+ Level


Travel the world's mountains; start in the rolling foothills and journey to the exposed peaks. Puzzle over carefully designed scenarios to help skiers, snowboarders and mountain bikers weather the elements and seasons. Build increasingly impressive structures throughout the campaign while keeping an eye on your budget.


Create your own puzzles in the easy-to-use level builder where only your imagination is the limit. Customise the mountains with the procedural generation tool and bring it to life with your choice of scenery and settings. Get involved with the community by sharing your epic creation online.

Share Levels & Replays

Share your proudest and most audacious replays with the community in our online gallery. Test your friends with precisely thought out levels or try out the best designs and hardest puzzles from the community levels.


When’s it ready?

We have come a long way in a short space of time and while we plan to have a working title available this summer, we will continue to improve Carried Away over the course of 2017 and in to 2018 in order to provide the most clean and crisp experience we can offer.

Early Access?

We have been having so much fun working on this game, and when we’re ready to share this with you we will be opening the doors to early access users. During Early Access, the game will still be packed with features and puzzles, but we will be welcoming and acting on community feedback to make the game even better!

What platforms?

PC, Mac & Linux.