Last week I shared an overview of our story so far. Summer projects, quitting jobs, re-scoping, re-planning and a change of platform. This week I'll share more recent developments with you.

A month later than planned, we recently finished what I called the ‘sandbox milestone’. This sandbox milestone was to create all the fundamental building blocks for our physics puzzle and construction game, in essence, a prototype v2.0. A build that allows us to freely create within the defined rules and boundaries of our universe. A developers sandbox.

It is the foundations on which we can iterate and develop the rest of the features and game play elements that we have dreamed up. I'll speak more about those next week. 

Whether it is actually a sandbox by definition is an ongoing debate between us. For me, it seems to fit, but Andy disagrees. This is an overview of the broad areas that we have been working on.

Test run for jimmy the skier.

Ski Lift Mechanics

On the surface, we needed to create a believable ski lift system that would behave in a predictable way. But in reality, we wanted to go way beyond that.

We wanted to create a game that would test a player's logic and push them to embrace their inner-engineer. A game that would require the player to conquer the challenges of mass, tension & compression, as well as assess geometry and budget. We wanted to provide depth to the experience and a platform where the player can get better at the game, improve their scores and beat their friend's.

Ultimately, we set out to create a game that would make the player feel rewarded for their success. But success and reward isn't for everyone, so don't let that put you off. Equally important to us, is that when it all comes crashing down, it provides entertaining, unrepeatable outcomes, that make the player want to try again. Cos win or lose it should be fun.

A failed lift tower in post milestone 1 build

We asked a lot of our selves. But lets be honest, all of the above is intentionally vague ;)

Construction mode

We set out with the goal of making the most user friendly construction tool for 2D truss-like structures, or bridge building games. We wanted a building tool that would let you engineer what you wanted as quickly, accurately and frustration-free as possible. We felt that other tools out there could be improved. We took what works from others, and used that as our starting point but have since improved on it by adding multi build for building twice as fast. We also included a way to move (or adjust) multiple points at once, as well as connect them to an existing point. 

Whats the best building tool that you know of? What would you like to see in ours?

Example of multi build

So that's the whistle stop tour. If you want more information on what on earth we're doing, subscribe to receive these updates via email. Leave a comment, get in touch, tell us what you think.

But most importantly, if you think I've abused the term 'sandbox,' stoke the fire of Huge Calf disagreement in the comments below.