Wow! It’s been 7 weeks since the launch of Carried Away into Early Access and it has absolutely flown by. It may have been radio silence from us for the past few weeks, but by-golly we’ve been busy.


Now is the perfect opportunity to start a blog to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments of Carried Away. We will keep this up to date on a monthly basis during the Early Access period.

So let's dive right in with the changes that we have made in patch 0.0.10!


We have added snowmobiles to the game based on popular demand from the community. Snowmobiles offer a new and exciting challenge! Find the right combination of driving style and construction to tackle the mountains. Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow and Orange Snowmobiles to choose from.

snowmobile patch.png

Improved Rope material

  • Can now connect the rope to the environment. No longer need to connect it to a foundation point
  • Rope is now 50% longer
ropebuilding mat.png

In game gallery

You can now save and watch yours and others favourite replays directly in the in game gallery. Filter by level, budget, pass or fail and learn from the rest of the community and then vote on your favourite replays!


Balances changes to jumps and jump supports

We have made changes so that they are more suitable and playful for jumps, bridges and snow mobiles collectively:

  • Jumps weigh less but aren’t as strong
  • Supports are weaker
  • Force is now averaged over a small period of time to make the jumps and supports more flexible and receptive to impact. This should make high speeds and jumping less likely to break the jumps while heavy objects will still have a significant effect on jump materials. (1).gif

The Jimmylayas

6x Snowmobile levels, 2x Gondola levels, 3x Chairlift levels, 3x Jump levels,1x Drag Lift level, 1x Bridge level!


Campaign levels have been rearranged to smooth the progression curve, so make sure to check back to previous maps and complete all the levels!

Improved statistics

Analyse where the most tense moments were when testing your structures and compare it between runs. Use this information to improve your construction skills.


Easily see how you fared against the rest of the community using the histograms and filter the scoreboards to show only those who succeed at getting the trophy achievement.

Other noteworthy changes

  • Building near or behind an object such as a tree will now temporarily make the object transparent
  • Default camera settings have been improved to give a better view of what's happening
  • Changes to terrain generation - smoother and more predictable skiing down mountains and collision with rocks
  • Performance improvement when lots of things break at once
  • Improved the instant replay tool allowing you to capture the best moments with the smallest amount of editing
  • Jump supports now collide with trees for consistency

Thanks so much for your support! We will continue to add new features and fun to Carried Away. So come and have a chat with us on Discord or on the forums.

- Jonny, Will and Andy