Our Facebook App

We respect your privacy! Because of this, we don't collect any personal information. This app is very simple and has one job: allowing you to share you in-game replays from "Carried Away" to your Facebook wall.

The app can't do anything before you grant it access to make posts on your behalf. You do this by signing in to your Facebook account (when we prompt you to), and then approving the permissions we ask for (making posts on your behalf). Feel free to deny us those permissions! (But you won't be able to automatically share your sweet replays)

You have full control over what is written in the posts that this app makes on your behalf. No text will be changed/added/deleted/reordered/edited in any way. Your text post is accompanied by the replay you are sharing. You can also delete any posts made by the App in the normal way, at any time.

Any changes to the permissions that our app uses will be reflected by you having to approve access to your account these once again. The permissions for this app will not change however, as the app is solely for sharing replays from in-game, and this doesn't require any more permissions!

You can revoke the Apps permissions at any time after you have granted them. Follow these instructions to do that.