Patch v1.0.74:



  • You can now change the character (skier,biker etc.) controls in the settings panel

  • The achievement to perform a flip while seated in the chairlift has been fixed

  • The strength of building materials had been slightly increased

  • Gondolas weight has been slightly reduced, and they do not hang as low as before

  • Fixed a bug where lifts, people and scenery were loading in the wrong location

  • Addressed an issue that was causing some players to experience jittery skiers giving the appearance of low FPS

  • Changed the default graphic settings to medium, from very high


  • Fixed a bug where the first object to break in simulation was not always being highlighted red

  • Fixed a bug that would make the characters darker each time they died while playing in non-gore mode

  • Moved medals and stars so that they are better aligned with the characters

  • Removed the object limit in builder mode

  • The mountain bike position has been adjusted to hang at the side of the chairlift

  • Fixed particles on snowmobiles and motorbikes not resetting correctly when returning to build mode

  • Chinese game logo will now appear when chinese Language is selected.

  • Added SFX to Curve logo on start up

  • Rope handle direction has been fixed


  • Bubbles and Twigs - this level has been made slightly easier to bring in line with the general difficulty curve

  • Pride Rock - riders now queue in orderly fashion, and get on the lift as expected


  • Removed the ‘upload to workshop’ option when completing another player’s workshop level.


  • Fixed a bug that stopped people from moving ski huts

  • Removed the ‘live update’ toggle

  • Fixed a bug that would cause objects to shrink to their smallest size when pressing ‘+’ or ‘-’

  • Fixed a bug that would cause scenery to fall off the floating land if it was selected

  • Fixed a bug where changing weather would cause colliders to be applied to scenery items.

  • Removed the terrain edit cursor when placing items


  • Most popular is now the default option for viewing replays

  • Most popular is now based on a ‘hotness’ rating that takes looks at votes over time. This will allow new replays to appear in the most popular section

  • Added a link to each replay open the replay in a browser

  • The share button is greyed out, until the sharing method has selected picked.

  • The level filter now works as intended

  • The level names and numbers now match correctly in the level filter


  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the selection highlighter tool from being displayed